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At anchor St Helena  


Cape Town to Spain

The journey from Cape Town to Spain took 61 days and covered 6246 nautical miles. Thats an average speed of 4.26 knots!! Unfortunately the weather did not help much and we had to motor most of the time.

Cape Town to St Helena

We left Cape Town on the 6thMay 2006 on the tail of a North Wester expecting the wind to change to the traditional South Easter. The 3m swell was OK but the wind didn't arrive for 2 days. Then it died after another 4. So it took 13 days to travel 1688 miles

St Helena to Cape Verde

After 2 days bouncing around off St Helena's jetty (they don't have a marina and very little shelter) we set off for Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands. Again the weather was mixed and after the equator progress was down to a crawl. 2370 miles in 19days.

Cape Verde to Tenerife

Started out with the wind on the nose and it hardly changed all the way. Ended up 400miles west of tenerife and decided to motor in 1185 mile in 12days.

Tenerife to Mar Menor (Mainland Spain)

Apart from 2 days we motored all the way not very exciting but it was good to see land all the time. Lots more traffic as well though. 1003miles in 11 days.

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